The terms and conditions stated in this document apply to all Click2Go Clients and Customers unless agreed in writing to the contrary. No other contract terms and conditions shall apply unless specifically agreed in writing between Click2Go and the Client. In the event of any ambiguity between these terms and conditions and any terms agreed in writing between Click2Go and the Client then the terms and conditions here under will apply.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are Subject to updates. as and when these occur you will be notified.


  • All change requests given to Click2Go need to be given via email. No briefs will be accepted via phone, sms, website chat, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.


  • Click2Go’s pricing does not include vat.
  • The product price includes what is described in the product description, and nothing more
  • The price includes one 40 minute debrief session, and one set of changes per website purchase


  • You will be provided with an invoice after full payment of your item
  • Payment can only be done via our website’s online store.
  • Payment is final and starts the design process within 48 hours
  •  In the event that website development cost has been broken up into a payment plan, Click2Go will remain the owners of the website until the design and development work has been paid in full as per the initial quotation.
  • Click2Go reserves the right to increase their pricing in line with the official annual inflation rate each year, which is obtained from Statistic South Africa’s latest available Consumer Price Index (CPI) Headline Report.


  • Unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary Click2Go will not accept liability to the Client for unforeseen delays in completing a project.
  • In the event that there is a delay in the completion of a project, Click2Go will communicate such delays to the Client in writing via email.
  • All website setup content (images, hosting details, product information, URL details, page copy, all images and text) needs to be provided by the client within 7 days of the start of the process, by providing the content in the folder designated for the client. No documents will be accepted via email.
  • The start of the project is seen as 48 hours after payment has been received.
  • The client is required to provide Click2Go with all the content required for a project within the period detailed above. Should the client delay issuing Click2Go with the content required for the project within 1 month, the client website will be put on hold until all information has been supplied and checked. Only then will development begin.


  • Fixes for newly built websites need to be identified within a 14 day period from going live. If fixes are identified after this period and the client is not on a Maintenance agreement, then a quotation will be issued to commence such fixes.
  • Click2Go cannot future proof its services or products. Once a client has signed off on a project the responsibility to maintain and update plugins and Themes, or content, used on the website or social platforms becomes the client’s responsibility unless a maintenance agreement has been signed with Click2Go which covers such incidents.
  • Maintenance does not mean “eyes on the website” all the time and issues on the website still need to be reported to Click2Go via email on info@click2go.co.za.
  • Development faults with plugins or themes used on a website built by Click2Go are not covered by a maintenance agreement and will be quoted for separately as in most cases the original software developer will need to be involved.
  • Similarly, hosting and website faults remain the responsibility of the hosting provider and do not fall under any maintenance agreement.
  • All Click2Go meetings will be done online. As we are a fluid company, we work across the world as we travel. Such meetings need to be arranged in advance and unless prior arrangements have been made such consultations will be limited to one meeting per month of a maximum duration of 40 minutes. Consultations will be charged at our standard consulting rate.


  • Refunds are at the discretion of the business owners.
  • Refunds will not be given due to a customer not providing information, content or anything needed to create the website, or by delaying the design process.
  • If you would like to request a refund, please submit a request to info@click2go.co.za via email.


  • Click2Go makes use of third party services, plugins and softwares such as WordPress, Elementor and WooCommerce.


  • Website development time period is estimated at two weeks, unless otherwise noted, or unless delayed by client.
  • All website content needs to be provided by the client within 7 days of payment.
  • Any content not provided within two weeks of the quote acceptance will not be used or added to the website. If client wants this to be added, additional quotes will be provided for client’s approval and payment before anything will be added.
  • CMS websites require updates to plugins and themes. If the client has not opted for monthly maintenance, such updates and the cost thereof, remain the responsibility of the client. However, plugins and themes may be quoted for separately if required. If plugin licenses were not purchased as part of the client’s brief to Click2Go, and licenses have lapsed, quotes will be issues, with payment needed before licenses are activated again.
  • Additional pages, images and revisions on projects above the scope of work agreed above will attract additional charges.
  • Unless a maintenance contract is signed, no additional work will be done outside of the quoted development scope. Upkeep of the client’s site is their own responsibility unless otherwise agreed, in writing, with a maintenance contract in place.
  • All eCommerce websites will come with Flat Rate shipping. It is the client’s responsibility to negotiate shipping costs with his/her preferred supplier and to provide Click2Go with specified flat rates, or other wise differentiate shipping zones. Alternative Shipping Plugin purchase and configuration fall out of the scope of work, unless specifically quoted for.
  • Payment gateways that need to be installed on the client’s site, remains the responsibility of the client. From sign up to providing us with either logins or the required information.
  • The client agrees that all content provided by the client including articles, website wording, graphics and videos are owned by the client and free of any copyright infringement.
  • Viruses & Outdated Websites – Click2Go makes every effort to take security precautions on our Clients websites, this includes the relevant security plugins which keeps its servers secure, wherever possible. However we cannot guarantee the prevention of hacks, viruses or unexpected data deletion and cannot be held liable for any such damages as a result.
  • Click2Go cannot be responsible for any websites that have stopped working or have become faulty over time due to the website becoming “outdated”. Outdated websites can be affected due to many aspects, such as new browser software, outdated web code, etc. Click2Go cannot be expected to keep your website updated in every aspect without being compensated to do so.
  • Client is responsible for their own hosting, unless otherwise quoted for by Click2Go
  • SSL certificates are not a given, and are host dependent
  • URL’s are not given and are the registration and renewal responsibility of the client
  • If a client requests login details to their site, all responsibility of their site is automatically transferred to them. Click2Go takes no responsibility for any mistakes, errors or bugs that occur if client decides to manage the website on their own, nor will they be fixed without a signed off quote. If for any reason the Client requests the assistance of Click2Go to fix these type of handling errors, time spent on fixing will be quoted at our normal rate.


  • Click2Go accepts no responsibility nor liability to the Client for the actual rankings achieved or how such rankings may vary over time. Search engines are known to change their algorithms and in such doing rankings and traffic may fluctuate.
  • We use Rankmath to setup basic on page SEO and integration of Facebook Open Graph.
  • We do not install Google Analytics
  • We do not submit the website to search engines


  • The Client acknowledges the following with respect to services:
  • Click2Go accepts no responsibility for policies of Google, third-party search engines, directories or other websites (“Third-Party Resources”) that the Client may submit to with respect to the classification or type of content it accepts, whether now or in the future. The Client’s web site or content may be excluded or banned from any Third-Party Resource at any time and the Client agrees not to hold Click2Go responsible for any liability or actions taken by Third-Party Resources under this Agreement.
  • The Client furthermore acknowledges that the nature of many of the resources the Click2Go may employ under this Agreement are competitive, therefore Click2Go does not guarantee top rankings, consistent positioning or specific performance of any strategies employed and the Client accepts that the Click2Go past performance is not indicative of any future results the Client may experience.
  • The Client recognizes that SEO and submissions to search engines and directories can take an indefinite amount of time for acceptance or inclusion and that internet advertising may be subject to the individual advertising network’s policies and procedures.
  • The Client accepts that Google Adwords, search engines, directories or other resources may block, prevent or otherwise stop accepting submissions for an indefinite period of time.
  • The Client acknowledges that search engines may drop listings from its database for no apparent or predictable reason. The Company shall re-submit resources to the search engine based on the current policies of the search engine in question.
  • Click2Go will endeavor to make every effort to keep the Client informed of any changes that Click2Go is made aware of that impact any of the campaigns and strategies and the execution thereof under this Agreement. The Client also acknowledges that Click2Go may not become aware of changes to third-party resources, industry changes or any other changes that may or may not affect campaigns or services.
  • Click2Go, for the duration of this agreement, may develop design strategies and codes, which, in Click2Go’s opinion improve the Client’s website. Click2Go and the Client will review these suggestions together and once mutual agreement is reached activate these changes. If the Client decides to make any material changes to the website, the Client will consult with Click2Go prior to implementing these changes, to make sure that they do not conflict with Click2Go marketing strategy.
  • Third-Party Resources, particularly Facebook, change their layout and can very often affect any business page installations and applications. Click2Go will not be held liable for these changes and, should work need to be done to rectify, then a new “quote” would need to be drawn up.
  • Click2Go and its subcontractors retain the right to display all designs, proposals and completed jobs as examples of their work in their respective portfolios.


  • The source code of all website web pages remains the intellectual property of Click2Go until such time as payment is made in full by the client and may not be copied and used by any other party without the consent of Click2Go.
  • All scripts, CSS and include files used within Client websites, remains the intellectual property of Click2Go until such time as payment is made in full by the client and may not be copied and used by any other party without the written consent of Click2Go.
  • The stored procedures, functions and triggers programmed into SQL Databases remain the intellectual property of Click2Go until such time as payment is made in full by the client and and may not be copied and used by any other party without the consent of Click2Go.
  • No social media templates created and sold by Click2Go may be resold or shared without express permission.
  • What you are allowed to change on our social media templates:
    • You are allowed to change the tag line
    • You are allowed to change the font type
    • You are allowed to change the colour of the blocks
  • What you are not allowed to change on our social media templates:
    • You are not allowed to edit the static graphics or graphic elements
    • You are not allowed to share this graphic with others
    • You are not allowed to resell this artwork on any platform whatsoever.
  • All Client logo images, images unique to the Client, i.e. of their premises, workforce and their business, plus all written copy, belong to the Client and are covered under their copyright. Click2Go will not reuse Client written content or images without the express permission of the Client.
  • Click2Go will not be liable for any copyright infringements committed by the Client with regards to content provided for marketing materials. The Client hereby agrees that all content submitted to Click2Go is original content and not copied off other websites as copying content of other online assets will directly impact Click2Go ability to run an effective marketing strategy for the Client.
  • The Client and the Company acknowledge and agree that the Specifications and all other documents and information related to the development of the Click2Go Campaign (the “Confidential Information”) will constitute valuable trade secrets of the Company. The Client shall keep the Confidential Information in confidence and shall not, at any time during or after the term of this Agreement, without the Company’s prior written consent, disclose or otherwise make available to anyone, either directly or indirectly, all or any part of the Confidential Information.


  • In the event that the Client does not pay an invoice within the time frame allocated in the invoice, then Click2Go has the right to suspend all further works for that Client until such time as payment is made in full.
  • In the event that the Client becomes insolvent or goes into liquidation Click2Go have the right to immediately terminate their contract with the Client and invoice for the full value of ongoing or maintenance contracts the client may have.
  • In the event that a Client delays the progress of a project with Click2Go then Click2Go will be entitled to give 14 days written notice to the Client. If the Client does not satisfactorily remedy the cause(s) of the delay, within the 14 day notice period, then Click2Go will have the right to terminate the service. Click2Go will invoice the Client for the full value of works carried out to-date.
  • In the event the Client fails to make any of the payments referenced in deadline set forth, Click2Go has the right, but is not obliged, to pursue any or all of the following remedies: (1) terminate the Agreement, (2) remove equipment, software, services or resources owned by the Company or (3) bring legal action.