Gamma eCommerce Website Template Customization

What do you need to use this template:

Your own URL and your own hosting. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you on this.

Why? Because then you own your own website, and no one else can stake any claim to it, or shut it down.

What happens after you buy this template?

After your purchase, we will contact you on the next business day after 9am. We’ll set up a zoom introductory meeting with you to get to know you and your business and go through the documents that we need. We have a system that has been set up to help our clients create the best copy and layout for their sites, and make it easier and faster to put content together.

Once we receive all of the information that is needed to customize your website, we set it up on your hosting, customize your site, and hand it over to you to start loading your products.

What information does Click2Go need to customize my website?

Text for each of the pages in the template – see the description above for all the pages in this template
Images that should replace the ones in the template
Your payment gateway login information
Your chosen delivery or courier partner information
Login details to a gmail address to set up your Google Analytics and Web master tools so that Google can start indexing and tracking your website.

How do I load my products onto the site?

We load your first 3 products. After your site has been completed, we finalise all the information with a handover call, and a live video tutorial on how to load your products, manage categories, variables and attributes, as well as show you how to maintain your website. 

For more information, see our FAQ section

Gamma eCommerce Website Template

What do we customize?

  • Adding your logo
  • Adapting the colour scheme to your brand colours
  • The font where needed (2 fonts)
  • Adding of your content to the pages
  • Adding three products
  • Adding images you provide
  • Your business details, including contact, legal and social media details
  • Your payment info
  • Your delivery details
  • Brand Customization of system generated emails as sent by WooCommerce