~ Maliza Booysen

"The brainchild of a solution seeker"

Click2Go is built with the absolute purpose of directly solving people’s needs when it comes toeCommerce and the marketing of eCommerce websites, products and services.

It solves a direct problem – to get you trading online, with a marketing strategy and the tools to do so. Essentially, this is an online store, for eCommerce products and services.

Need an eCommerce website? Buy one
Need a social media template design? Buy one

Need a marketing manager but can’t afford one? Book a one on one session

Need product photos for your eCommerce website or social media? Book them

We did extensive research over the last 4 years and priced our products and services at points that offer the most value at the most affordable rate.

Most people’s eCommerce, or online business journey, starts with a product. They soon realize they need a website. Two things happen then – they sign up to expensive platforms and build the site themselves, or they use a free or nearly free platform and build it to the best of their ability.

And then?

They wait. No sales come in, so they just run Facebook ads.

And then – they surmise that Facebook ads don’t work, and they start asking for help – on groups, with friends, on the internet…

And then?

They give up because they realize their route to market and awareness is just too difficult, or too expensive, or they don’t know what to work on first to get the best results.

But, is that true? Or did they just not follow the path that was right for them? Did they maybe just have a few tactics that they tried, with no real strategy?

If your journey into the world of online business looked like this, or if you want to avoid it looking like that, join my next webinar, and I’ll explain to you how I can help you. Click to go!


Maliza Booysen

Maliza Booysen


With 13 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve come to learn a few things about how to effectively run an online business throughout the years. I’m also the founding member of Female Entrepreneur Collective and have learnt through long talks with entrepreneurs, that stepping into the world of eCommerce sounds easier than it actually is. Many entrepreneurs that I have worked with, come to me specifically because they are not sure what they are doing wrong, or what they can do to boost their business or to optimize their business processes.

South Africa faces a lot of barriers to entry into the eCommerce marketplace, and I have made it my mission to enable any South African to open up an eCommerce store and start trading. If you have any questions, I’m here to help, and all of my info is free in the info session. Sign up to my free info sessions now. No knowledge is charged for here.

I want to make sure that every one of my clients OWNS their own store, and can own the process of growing it from just a product in their hand, to a product in a loyal customer’s hands. Through consulting, I almost, quite literally, hold your hand and guide you every step of the way to ensure you can start trading online with your products as quick as you can say Click2Go. That’s right, each session that I book with you is personal to your own store, your own strategy and your own tactics that is specific to your target market and products. Each month we meet, and we adapt the plan together to get the most out of your online business, your time and effort.

This means, you own your own URL, hosting, website, branding, payment gateway, delivery services, marketing strategies, you have your own photos… AND I teach you how to manage all of it.

Join The 32,000+ Satisfied Customers

Join The 32,000+ Satisfied Customers

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